Carte & Menus

Léonie, grill restaurant, homemade and direct circuit

Our dishes are made with local products, so some foods may vary according to the different Leonie Bistro & Grill restaurants. These foods will be notified to you by the acronym * followed by their substitute foods in bold type (concerning the products of the Leonie Bistro & Grillades Perpignan menu).

Boards and bistro entrances to share

Planche à partager

Delicatessen Tradition

Chiffonnade of country ham, sausage in oil* (chorizo), pâté

Traditional Cheese

Laguiole* (Manchego), Saint-Nectaire, chiffonnade of sheep's tome, Roquefort, cheese of the moment

The mixed

Chiffonnade of country ham, sausage, sausage in oil* (chorizo), 2 Roquefort (your choice), chiffonnade of sheep's tome, Saint-Nectaire, Pérail* (Manchego)

But also:

Mamimosa egg, country ham and "pan con tomate", marinated Scottish salmon, homemade duck foie gras marbled with Port....

---------- Salade repas ----------

Scottish Salmon Salad

Salad, tomato, marinated salmon, lemon dill cream

Caesar Salad

Salad, breaded chicken fillet, croutons, eggs, old Rodez cheese

Périgord salad

Salad, tomato, marbled homemade foie gras, smoked duck breast

The manufacture of our marbled foie gras :

When the foie gras is denervated, it is placed on a plate where it is seasoned and drizzled with Port. After marinating for a few hours, all the foie gras escalopes are placed flat in a bowl and basted with a layer of Porto. Once the terrine is set, it is cooked in a bain-marie for a few minutes.

Salade Périgourdine


Burger - Léonie Bistro et Grillades

Léonie knows how to do everything, she's a trendy granny. She offers you her burger card. Because there is something for everyone, from the tallest to the shortest and from the youngest to the oldest.

The authentic

Chopped steak, Laguiole cheese sauce, tomato sauce, salad, candied onions - Homemade french fries

The Gourmet

Chopped steak, foie gras, Périgord sauce, tomato sauce, salad, candied onions - Homemade french fries

The Original Goat

Chopped steak, goat cheese buchette, smoked bacon, tomato sauce, salad, candied onions - Homemade french fries



Aubrac beef slate

Organic lamb of 4 hours* (El Xaï lamb piece), just braised and garlic juice confit

Aubrac Steak - 170 g

Grilled sausage with Aveyron and its Aubrac aligot

Roasted Aveyron pork rib roasted with embers*

(Farm pig rib "El Tirabuixo")


Plats bistro - semainier



Monday: Veal blanquette, rice pilaf
Tuesday: Aubrac beef couscous* (stuffed squid)
Wednesday: Aubrac Beef Lasagna
Thursday: Stuffed cabbage in a grandmother's style* (Bôles de Picolât, mongeta)
Friday: Small salted with organic lentils from Larzac* (Cod Brandade)
Saturday: Grilled farm chicken, homemade fries, salad
Sunday: Veal head with gribiche sauce, mashed potato


Assiette de fromages

Flan caramel aux oeufs frais

Salade de fruits frais

Mousse au chocolat noir

Tarte au citron revisitée

Tiramisu au café

Café gourmand

Tarte au citron revisitée


Planch & Grill menu

Traditional Delicatessen or Cheese board
Steak from Aubrac or Aligot from Aubrac and sausage grilled over a wood fire

Flavour Menu

Perfect Egg Mamimosa
Chiffonnade of country ham and pan con tomato
Homemade duck foie gras, Port reduction (+€3.00)
Marinated salmon, fresh lemon cream
Organic Lamb* (El Xaï lamb) just braised and garlic juice
Pig rib with thyme roasted with charcoal
Roasted salmon fillet with charcoal
Guinea fowl supreme with juniper flavours* (Banyuls sauce)
Bistro dish of the week
Dessert of your choice

Chiffonnade de jambon de Pays

Menu Pitchou'

Grilled sausage or chopped steak and chips
Sundae or fruit salad
Soda or syrup