Léonie Millau-Larzac

Léonie Millau-Larzac

Aire du Larzac - A75
12230 L'Hospitalet-du-Larzac
Tel : (+33) 5 65 62 92 22
E-mail :
Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 14:30 and from 19:00 to 21:30 from mid-May to the end of September.
Closed on Sunday evenings from early October to mid-May.

Restaurant Léonie in Millau - Aveyron (12)

Léonie Millau-Larzac

Charcuterie Tradition
Boeuf d'Aubrac
Salade périgourdine

Some specialities :

Delicatessen Tradition
Chiffonnade of country ham, sausage in oil, pâté

Traditional cheese
Laguiole, Saint-Nectaire, chiffonnade of sheep's tome, Roquefort, cheese of the moment

Périgord salad
Salad, tomato, marbled homemade foie gras, smoked duck breast

The manufacture of our marbled foie gras :

When the foie gras is denervated, it is placed on a plate where it is seasoned and drizzled with Port. After marinating for a few hours, all the foie gras escalopes are placed flat in a bowl and basted with a layer of Porto. Once the terrine is set, it is cooked in a bain-marie for a few minutes.

Direct circuit - Direct from our breeders in Aveyron

Aubrac beef slate
Organic lamb of 4 hours, just braised and garlic juice confit

Homemade meals

  • Roasted Scottish salmon fillet roasted on charcoal,
  • Guinea fowl supreme with juniper flavours,
  • Encalat hot box (Camembert with sheep's milk) and assorted cold cuts from Aveyron and mouillettes,
  • Market vegetable plate,
  • Aubrac aligot plate...

Léonie France - Siège social

12230 L'Hospitalet-du-Larzac

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