Exceptional beef pieces

To be devoured with friends !

At Léonie's, we promise you the best: Tomahawk d'Aubrac ! 2.5 kg (45€ / kg) of beef awarded at the Laissac fair and matured for 1 month. To be shared with friends, between 3 and 5 people.

Beware, when you say "prized piece" you mean it's going fast : we only have 2 tomahawks left in Narbonne and 1 in Larzac ! Call quickly in Narbonne : 04 34 44 33 30 or in Larzac : 05 65 62 92 22

But what is a Tomahawk ? It is an exceptional piece of meat: a cut of rib eye with a long bone of quality, and the fat in the centre of the piece makes the muscle very tasty and juicy. The bone also allows for better handling of the rib for top cooking, and gives an original shape that owes its name to the Native American tomahawk !