Organic lamb from Larzac in direct circuit

Gigot d'agneau
Direct circuit in the spotlight for the month of November !

After Aveyron veal, (re)discover organic lamb from Larzac !

Directly from our breeders, the Goujon family based in l'Hospitalet-du-Larzac, we offer you irresistible recipes in all Léonie Bistro & Grillades restaurants : braised lamb mice, marbled lamb liver, stuffed rolled breast, leg of lamb...

Already available all year round at Léonie Larzac located on the Aire du Larzac, we wanted to give pride of place to organic lamb from Larzac in the direct circuit in our Léonies in Perpignan and Narbonne.


What is the direct circuit ? It is the direct purchase of live animals from farmers with the complete transformation and consumption of the animal, slaughtered and cut up locally. All the pieces are prepared and distributed in different recipes so that there is zero waste !