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Leonie's commitment - A restaurant like no other

It's a restaurant which is intended to be "citizen", sincere and respectful of these commitments.  

Citizens, because a Léonie restaurant seeks to work as much as possible with the local fabric renowned for its competence: regional food suppliers, local craftsmen for renovation and/or construction.

Circuit court Transhumance

Direct circuit

It is the direct purchase of live animals from farmers with complete processing and consumption of the animal, slaughter, local cutting. The maturation of the meat is between 2 and 3 weeks after the pieces.

Our farmers :

  • Organic Larzac Lamb : For more than 20 years, the Goujon family has been farming the land of Larzac, near the village of l'Hospitalet du Larzac, in accordance with the ORGANIC label. A work and a knowledge which gives this lamb the colours and flavours of Larzac. Know more about it
  • Beef from Aubrac : The Majorel brothers at Pierre Fiche d'Olt have been working for several years to give their Aubrac Beef an exceptional marbling and taste, quality food, high altitude pastures, rational and responsible agriculture, all the ingredients for a tasty red meat. Know more about it
  • Organic Larzac lenses : To accompany our small salads and sausages, we have chosen to make you discover the organic Larzac lenses, a crop adapted to our region.


Most of the dishes and preparations are homemade in our kitchens with our knowledge and expertise. Low temperature cooking and vacuum storage of the preparations for an irreproachable and constant quality. This quality work, with fresh and seasonal products, has enabled us to obtain the title of Master Restorer. Our wish is to work as much as possible with all local economic actors. French fruit and vegetables from responsible agriculture, even if it is not necessarily organic.

Maître Restaurateur

Plat fait maison - Léonie Bistro et Grillades
Four à braise

Baking in the charcoal oven

Baking in a charcoal oven allows an enhanced taste of meat and fish.

We have chosen to work with Mibrasa ovens, which allow us to work and cook our different meats, fish or vegetables perfectly.

Respect of the environnement

We respect the environment by favouring organisations with the lowest carbon impact - transport, excessive delivery, plastic packaging, control of electricity consumption, French charcoal... - and selective sorting - glass, aluminium, cardboard.

Our way of working by cooking all the pieces of meat and even the offal is also an eco-responsible approach, no waste. Use of disposable products or equipment as little as possible.

Causse du Larzac

Léonie France - Siège social

12230 L'Hospitalet-du-Larzac

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